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紀州色紙 Kishu color paper

紀州色紙 Kishu color paper

Item Code:

  • (A4 x 130g White)G-13009
  • (A4 x 130g Light Blue)G-13011
  • (A4 x 130g Pink)G-13012
  • (A4 x 130g Green)G-13013
  • (A4 x 130g Blue)G-13018
  • (A4 x 130g Azure)G-13027
  • (A4 x 130g Cream Laid)G-130
  • (A4 x 130g Lemon)G-13033
  • (A4 x 130g Apple Green)G-13035
  • (A4 x 130g Light Pink)G-13037
  • (A4 x 130g Purple)G-13040
  • (A4 x 130g Canary)G-13041


40 sheets/pack


1 pack/unit
1 包/單位

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