Bonsaii (超小粒狀 2x10mm, 16L容量) shredder 碎紙機 (4S16)

Bonsaii (超小粒狀 2x10mm, 16L容量) shredder 碎紙機 (4S16)

  • Run continuously for up to 60 minutes with a 9-minute cooldown time
  • Shreds 6 sheets per pass into 5/64'' X 25/64'' (2mm x 10mm) micro-cut particles (Security Level P-4) 
  • Shreds credit cards, CDs, staples and small paper clips as well 
  • 58dB low-noise offers you a quiet and smooth shredding experience 
  • Jam protection system with auto start and auto reverse to avoid the frustration of paper jams 
  • Overheating and overloading protection technology to help maintain your shredder and extend its lifespan
  • Removable and lockable casters for easy mobility 
  • 4.2-gallon pull-out bin for shreds with a 0.37-gallons separate small bin for CD and credit card pieces collection, the transparent window makes it easy to see when to empty the bin
  • one year on-site guarantee 


中德合資廠製造, 採用德國一體刀頭,精鋼鑄造切割,獨特的散熱系統,能連續碎紙達1- 4小時時間。

  • 碎紙類型:粒狀
  • 最大碎紙張數:6張(80g/m² A4)
  • 碎紙尺寸:2×10mm
  • 最大碎紙張數可連續碎紙時間:60分鐘
  • 保密等級:4級
  • 噪音:58DB
  • 切碎介質:紙、信用卡、光碟、訂書針、迴紋針、大頭針
  • 光碟入口:有
  • 碎盤能力:1張
  • 全鋼整體刀:是
  • 風冷系統:有
  • 過熱保護:有
  • 超載保護:有
  • 自動防卡紙功能:有
  • 自動退紙/啟動/停止:能
  • 垃圾桶體積(抽出式):16L
  • 光碟垃圾桶體積(抽出式):1.4L
  • 尺寸 : 345×240×510 毫米 (長X闊X高) 
  • 重量 : 10公斤
  • 代理商一年保用期

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