CARL DISK CUTTER 滾輪式切紙刀 B4 (DC-220)

CARL DISK CUTTER 滾輪式切紙刀 B4 (DC-220)

CARL DC-220 DISK CUTTER ( B4 - 15" )

* Perfect small office/home office cutter for sheets up to B4 size paper.
* Patented CARL rails and premium carbide blades hold paper
or paperboards firmly in place and cut more precisely.
* Calibrated base for accuracy and added stability.
* Trims up to 40 sheets per cut with cutting blade or up to
3 sheets per cut with perforating blade.
(L x W x H mm) : 360 x 555 x 80
Weight: 3 Kgs
Cutting paper size: B4 (up to 375mm)
Replacement: Parts: K-28 Straight Blade, K-29 Perforating Blade
M-220P Plastic Stripe

卡路牌 DC-220 滾輪式切紙刀 B4 - 15"
切紙可達 B4 尺寸
實線刀片每次切紙可達 40 張
虛線刀片每次切紙可達 3 張
用 K-28 實線刀片
用 K-29 虛線刀片
用 M-220P 導軌膠墊
尺寸 : 360mm長 x 555mm闊 x 80mm高
重量 : 3 Kg.

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