Energizer 1.5V Alkaline Battery 勁量鹼性電池

Energizer 1.5V Alkaline Battery 勁量鹼性電池

Features and Benefits

• 1.5 V or 9 V
• AA, AAA, PP3, C and D Batteries
• 30% longer than previous Energizer MAX batteries
• Mercury free
• 10-year shelf life
• Guaranteed leak proof
• High energy density

Typical Applications

Energizer Alkaline Batteries are used in electronic devices that require a small, compact source of power. Example applications include:

• Calculators
• Radios
• Torches
• Remotes
• Toys


Item no.:

E91BP18,  2A 18 pcs./pad (18粒裝)

E91BP4,  2A 4 pcs./pad (4粒裝)

E92BP18, 3A 18 pcs./pad (18粒裝)

E92BP4, 3A 4 pcs./pad (4粒裝)

E93BP2, C中電  2 pcs./pad (2粒裝)

EP95BP2,  D大電 2 pcs./pad (2粒裝)

522, 9V 1pc./pad (1粒裝)

CR123A-1, CR123A 1pc./pad (1粒裝)

CR-2032, 鈕型電芯1pc./pad (1粒裝)


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