Energizer Rechargeable Battery 勁量鎳氫充電電池

Energizer Rechargeable Battery 勁量鎳氫充電電池

Energizer Recharge Extreme NiMH 3200mAh AA Battery 1.2V


Features & Benefits

Eco-friendly – worlds first 4% recycled battery Last up to 6X longer Rechargeable AA NiMH 3200mAh 1.2V Battery Re-charge 100s of times. Pre-charged for immediate use Last up to 5 years. Stays charged for up to 12 months when not in use. Works with any NIMH battery charger Suitable for all devices and occasions


Typical Applications

Energizer Recharge Extreme AA batteries are used in various electronic applications suitable for high-drain devices. Example applications include: Digital Cameras Gaming devices / wireless gaming controllers Cordless house telephones Remote controls Torches Wireless peripherals such as wireless mouse/keyboards Clocks Baby monitors


Item no.:

ECB2A-2, 2A 2 pcs./pad (2粒裝)

ECB2A-4,  2A 4 pcs./pad (4粒裝)

ECB3A-4, 2A 4 pcs./pad (4粒裝)

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