HIC TW-3100  Manual Binding Machine 雙線鐵圈手動釘裝機

HIC TW-3100 Manual Binding Machine 雙線鐵圈手動釘裝機

Type of Wire-O : 3:1 Ptch Wires

Cutting Dies : 40 Dies
The Way Of Punch : Manual
Punching Capacity : 80gm 20 sheets/punch
Binding Capacity : 3/16" ~ 9/16"
Punching & Binding Length : 14"
Remark :
4-position punching depth adjustment.
Adjustable punching from 1 to 40 holes.
All metal construction.
A drawer in front of machine for storage of wires type of wire-o.

HIC TW-3100 雙線鐵圈打孔機 3:1型
最大打孔寬度360mm 可壓合

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